What can you learn in 30 minutes?

Consider this:

  • The average American spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • The average commute time is 25 minutes each way.
  • Last year, the average Netflix subscriber spent 568 hours streaming video—or 1 hour, 33 minutes per day.

What if you spent that time studying the Bible?

Not just reading and reflecting, but engaging in serious learning.

The kind of learning that happens in seminary, or the kind of learning you’d experience if you were mentored by world class Bible scholars.

What will happen when you commit

Here’s what will happen if you commit to spending 30 minutes per day taking an online course from Zondervan Academic.

If you start today, then in nine months from now:

  1. When you take a Greek or Hebrew course, you will be reading some basic texts of the New Testament and the Old Testament in their original languages.

  2. When you take the Four Portraits, One Jesus course, you will have taken a deep dive into all four Gospels. You’ll have looked at Jesus’ parables, miracles, and all the key aspects of Jesus ministry on earth—including his birth, death, and resurrection. And you’ll be familiar with recent scholarship on the historical Jesus.

  3. When you take the Thinking Through Paul course, you will have a thorough understanding of Paul’s life and missionary journeys, you’ll understand the key themes of Pauline theology, and you’ll have closely examined every single Pauline epistle.

  4.  When you take the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus course, by the end of summer you will have a thorough understanding of Islam; how it differs from Christianity; and how you can articulate your faith to your Muslims neighbors.

These are just four examples. There are many more.

It may look different for you, depending on what you choose to learn—there are dozens of courses available.


2 specific reasons you will succeed

1. When you review material in these courses, you see content that’s most helpful to you in the order designed to help you learn it best.

Zondervan Academic Online Courses include an adaptive learning tool, which tracks how you learn—and then personalizes the sequence of the course material just for you.

The end result is you get a customized review experience tailored to your unique learning style.

And with built-in assessments, you'll always know what you and how you can improve.

2. You’ll get regular reminders to review material you already know.

The first step toward a strong finish is a strong start.

That's why, at regular intervals through the course, you’ll get email and text reminders sent to you to review what you learned—and you'll get these reminders at the exact moment you’re most likely to forget it.

These prompts help you stay on track. They help you solve the problem of figuring out what to study new, and how to study it.

In fact, these reminders are so effective that once you start—even for just one day—the regular prompts make it inevitable you’ll keep going.


What to do next

1. Find your 30 minutes.

Maybe that’s in the morning before you head out. Maybe it’s during your lunch break. Or maybe it’s after you put the kids to bed in the evening. If you travel a lot, maybe it’s while you’re on the plane.

Whatever the case, find the time that works best for you—and then commit.

2. Make a commitment.

Research shows that the best way to follow through is to make a commitment publicly. So tell your friends on Facebook or email someone and let them know.

Tell them you plan to spend thirty minutes per day doing serious study. Tell them one of your goals for 2017 is to deepen your understanding of God and his Word.

3. Select what you want to learn.

Pick the area where you want to grow the most, and from there, select a course.

To make it even easier to get started, get 10% off with the code NEWYEAR.